Our Bakery

Our Bakery

Our kitchen and training areas have been professionally fitted out to the highest quality of hygiene and workflow.

Our breads, pies, cakes and classes can also be purchased from Merlin’s Bakery Cafe, Unit 707, Merlin Park, Burscough between 8am and 4pm. Alternatively why not stop for a quality coffee, tea or infusion or the lunchtime special or a sandwich made on our artisan bread?

All of our breads are made using traditional slow fermentation techniques to develop a deeper flavour and improve shelf life and most meet the requirements for vegetarians and vegans. Our cakes and preserves are made without unnecessary processing aids. Our pies use meats form farm assured or Red Tractor accredited suppliers.

The Soil Association Certification confirm that we are able to meet the key criteria for the Food For Life Catering Mark as our products are free from problem additives, GM or trans fats and can be used on Bronze, Silver and Gold Catering Mark menus. The meat in our pies comes from Farm Assured standard suppliers and our breads can count towards the 75% freshly prepared requirement (Soil Association Certification). For more more information please email us. 

Some of our breads use “wild yeasts”, such as our sourdoughs and all of our breads contain varying levels of this natural “starter”, which is created from flour, water and natural (“wild”) yeasts from the surrounding air. It has been claimed that bread made in one location tastes different from bread made a couple of miles away using this technique.

You can find out more on our process by clicking here.